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Filmmaker Spotlight | Eriabis Jennison

In an effort to bring more cinematic stories to life, Dadley Productions is proud to highlight filmmakers across the country producing cinematic stories in their local communities. Today we are featuring south central Pennyslvanian filmmaker, Eriabis Jennison.

Check out our exclusive interview with Eriabis here:

Tell us how you like to tell cinematic stories.

I like to approach a topic with intent and purpose. I prefer to cover topics that make people think and discuss things and maybe change their mind about something but I also love a great story or a bunch of laughs too. My approach is best where I dive in fully and at the time do the best interpretation of what I want to accomplish.

How did you get started as a filmmaker?

My brother-in-law and I were at the beach and on vacation. He had just bought a GoPro and brought it to Florida with him and one of his favorite iconic movies was Jaws. We had no plan, no pre-production, no experience, and one Go Pro. One day at the beach we just took some shots of my family and I simulating underwater POV shark attacks, a Lifeguard, and some beach crowd shots. Later that night we started editing it all together and I fell in love with the process.

The next year after our first short film Get out of the Water. My brother-in-law asked to do a real production short film and we started jumping right into the process of our next attempt at a film Haywire, written by myself. I learned as much as I could off from Youtube tutorials, practicing shots, acting, production, and everything else pertaining to the process.

Though the film Haywire was never finished, I still kept at practicing, getting equipment and working hard at learning the production process until we finally, during Christmas of 2017 finished our first planned short film production of Awoken, a period horror film not in circulation.

What inspired you to pursue filmmaking in your local community?

I was inspired to get connected locally due to the need to collaborate, learn from, and network with my fellow creative minded people. It is hard to make a production all on your own, and there are many ways, perhaps better and more efficient ways to do the same thing. I figured I could learn a whole lot from other filmmakers.

What do you love most about your local film community?

I think from what I have seen the thing I love the most about the local filmmaking scene is the passion to make content. Everyone seems to be excited and focused on making content.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to tell their own story?

Do it, plan well, but just do it. The worst thing made is the one not on a screen or a film that is not shot.

What is one *practical* way people outside of the filmmaking community can get involved in cinematic storytelling in their hometown?

Get a Camera, Watch Youtube or read a book to learn how to do it, Get together with friends of the same interest. Make a film. If that develops into a club, or organization later then great!

Tell us about a recent film or TV series that inspired you in some way.

I am really digging the Black Mirror series. I like a cinematic look at social issues and futuristic though process of where our society perhaps is going. I am a big fan of what they are doing with that show and feel they are hopefully opening up minds with their outside of the box approach to what may be considered social activism and awareness. I was not a big fan of Black Mirror: Bandersnatch though. This also inspires me to approach my stories in a way that makes me think about purpose and intent rather than just entertainment.

How can people best keep in touch with you?

Currently, you can find me on Facebook, Youtube, or on Instagram

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