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Calf Rope Earns Five-Stars from

After winning over 150 film awards from around the world since its release in June 2020 and holding a 9/10 rating on IMDb for over a year now, Calf Rope just received its first professional film review and earned a 5-star rating from, a film critique association dedicated to exclusively reviewing short films throughout the world.

Click HERE to read the complete 5-star review.

The coming-of-age period drama, Calf Rope, is set in the mid -1960s and is now streaming throughout the U.S. on the #1 family-friendly/faith-based streaming service, Pure Flix, as well as on the New Faith Network throughout the U.K., the Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand, and is also streaming on Holy Flix in Brazil.

A wider distribution of Calf Rope on additional family-friendly streaming services will begin this fall.

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