Sunny Side Up Film Festival


Best Family Film

Best Modern-Day Western · Best Director (short)

Best Director (Modern-Day Western) · Best Actor (short)

Best Supporting Actor (short) · Best Supporting Actor (2)

American Filmatic Arts Awards


Best Short Film

Best Actor · Best Child Actor

Best Supporting Actress · Best Soundtrack

Best Cinematography · Best Production Design

Venice Shorts Film Awards


Best U.S. Producer

Chicago indie film awards


Best Producer

Reale Film Festival


Best Soundtrack

Southern States Indie FanFilmFest International


Best Featurette of the Year

Best Featurette (Summer 2020)


Best Production Design

Honorable Mention - Inspirational Film


Best Drama Short

Best Director - Short

Best Actor · Best Young Actor

Best Original Music Score


Best Family/Faith Film

Best Western

Best Young Actor

Best Original Music Score


Best Western Film


Best Long Short Film


Best Redemptive Short

Best Director

Best Family Film · Best Modern Day Western · Best Produced Modern Day Western
Festival Director's Choice - Best Rodeo Film · Best Director (Modern Day Western)
Best Ensemble Cast (Modern Day Western) · Best Actor in a Modern Day Western (Gorman Ruggiero)
 Best Supporting Actor in a Modern Day Western (Lukas Barnett) · Best Young Actor (Lukas Barnett)
Best Young Actor (Logan Donaldson)
Best Director (Short Film)
Audience Choice Award: Best Short Film
Jury Choice Award: Honorable Mention - Best Short Film
Best Original Story
Best Family - Children Film · Best Cinematography
Best Supporting Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Supporting Actress (Avery Kellington)
Best Short Film
Producing · Direction · Screenplay · Editing · Cinematography
Lead Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Lead Actor (Lukas Barnett)
Supporting Actor (Avery Kellington) · Supporting Actor (Jackie Walker) 
 Production Design · Sound Design · Music Score · Costuming

Short Film · Children - Family Programming · Direction · Editing · Lead Actor Supporting Actor · Cinematography · Screenplay · Original Music Score

Movie Trailer

Best Screenplay

(Narrative Short)

Best Ensemble · Best Actor in a Historic Film (Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Child Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Acting Duo (Lukas Barnett & Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Acting Debut (Lukas Barnett)

Best Short Film · Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Actor Under18 (Lukas Barnett)

Best Cinematography · Best Production Design

Best Narrative Short · Best Directing · Best Screenplay

Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Supporting Actor (Lukas Barnett)

Best Original Score · Best Production Design

Best Trailer

Best Film of the Month · Best Director (Male) · Best Western Short

Best Children Short · Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Child - Young Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Acting Duo (Barnett & Ruggiero)

Best Cinematography · Best Editing · Best Original Score

Best Director (Short Film) · Best Editing · Best Acting Ensemble

(Gorman Ruggiero, Lukas Barnett, Avery Kellington, Jackie Walker,

Ryan Cassidy, John Carl, Jeremy Good, & John Rudgeair)

Best Acting Debut (Lukas Barnett) · Best Child Actor (Lukas Barnett)

Best Modern Day Western Screenplay


Flathead Lake International Cinemafest


Best Actor (Lukas Barnett)


Best Story and Screenplay

Best Short Film · Best Production Design · Best Sound Design
Best Original Music Score · Best Hair & Make -Up · Best Costume Design

Best Director ·  Best Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Supporting Actor (Gorman Ruggiero)


Best Cinematography


Best Direction (Narrative Short) · Best Cinematography (Narrative Short)

Best Sound - Music Score (Narrative Short)


Best Short Film · Most Inspirational Film · Best Western
Best Acting Duo (Lukas Barnett & Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Soundtrack - Main Theme

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Cover photo provided by Jackie Walker.