IndieFEST Film Awards

(August 2020)

Short Film · Children - Family Programming · Direction · Editing · Lead Actor Supporting Actor · Cinematography · Screenplay · Original Music Score

Movie Trailer

Best Screenplay

(Narrative Short)

Best Actor Award - New York

(May - June 2020)

Best Ensemble · Best Actor in a Historic Film (Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Child Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Acting Duo (Lukas Barnett & Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Acting Debut (Lukas Barnett)

gold film awards

(best of june 2020)

Best Short Film · Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Actor Under18 (Lukas Barnett)

Best Cinematography · Best Production Design

Best Narrative Short · Best Directing · Best Screenplay

Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Supporting Actor (Lukas Barnett)

Best Original Score · Best Production Design

Best Trailer

Best Film of the Month · Best Director (Male) · Best Western Short

Best Children Short · Best Actor (Gorman Ruggiero)

Best Child - Young Actor (Lukas Barnett) · Best Acting Duo (Barnett & Ruggiero)

Best Cinematography · Best Editing · Best Original Score

Best Director (Short Film) · Best Editing · Best Acting Ensemble

(Gorman Ruggiero, Lukas Barnett, Avery Kellington, Jackie Walker,

Ryan Cassidy, John Carl, Jeremy Good, & John Rudgeair)

Best Acting Debut (Lukas Barnett) · Best Child Actor (Lukas Barnett)

Best Modern Day Western Screenplay


(SUMMER 2020)

Best Cinematography

(AUGUST 2020)

Best Direction (Narrative Short) · Best Cinematography (Narrative Short)

Best Sound - Music Score (Narrative Short)

Best Short Film · Most Inspirational Film · Best Western
Best Acting Duo (Lukas Barnett & Gorman Ruggiero) · Best Soundtrack - Main Theme
(May 2020)
(SUMMER 2020)
Producing · Direction · Screenplay · Editing · Cinematography
Lead Actor (Gorman Ruggiero) · Lead Actor (Lukas Barnett)
Supporting Actor (Avery Kellington) · Supporting Actor (Jackie Walker) 
 Production Design · Sound Design · Music Score · Costuming

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Cover photo provided by Jackie Walker.