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Meet Landon Mak, our youngest cast member

Role: Cub Scout Mascot

Landon Mak is an aspiring young actor who was only 5 years-old when cast as the Cub Scout Mascot in Calf Rope which was shot in August 2019. Although this was his first on-camera acting experience, Landon has become known as a bit of a local celebrity within the Susquehanna Valley of Pennsylvania as a very young singer of the National Anthem at several sporting events in the region, including a Hershey Bears ice hockey game in March of 2019, when he was still only 4 years-old.

Landon's mom dictated his replies to the following questions:

What first inspired you to pursue acting?

"I never acted acted before and I thought it would be fun to be in a movie. Now everyone can see how handsome I am on camera."

What was your first ever acting experience and what do you remember most about it?

"Calf Rope was my first time being in a movie. I liked bumping the cars together when the director said it was ok. Mommy said not to do that at home."

If you could play any part in a movie that you wanted to, what part would it be?

"I want to be like the little boy in Polar Express. He gets stuck in the coal and almost falls off the top of the train as it goes fast down the hill like a speeding roller coaster. He also meets Santa and gets a bell present. How cool!"

Tell us about something that you've seen on TV or at the movies that you really liked.

"I liked being on Fox News. That was my first time on camera. It was fun to see myself on the TV."

Tell us about your favorite part of being on the set of Calf Rope.

"I like running with Logan (Donaldson) through the clothesline while twirling the ropes."

What did you learn most from being on the set of Calf Rope?

"It was my first time being in a movie and it would be fun to do more movies and commercials."

What one piece of advice would you give to other kids that might want to pursue on-camera acting in a movie or on TV?

"I would say to try your best in school. Be friendly with people and don't be shy. Also, be friends with Mr. Hawkins. "

Landon's mother, Kimberly Mak, answered the following questions directly on Landon's behalf:

How old was Landon when he began singing, and what was his first singing experience?

Landon started singing the National Anthem at the age of 2 1/2 years-old. His first singing experience was for a special needs ice hockey game that his dad helps coach. The head coaches knew Landon sang the National Anthem and decided to ask him if he'd like to sing which was in front of a few hundred people. He was very excited with no nerves at all.

What is Landon's favorite song and genre to sing?

His favorite songs to sing are patriotic songs (most notable the Star Spangled Banner) and songs he he hears in church. He enjoys listening to all types of music from Michael Jackson to The Beatles to Pentatonix to Christian music.

Does Landon get nervous when he has to sing in front of large crowds?

Landon would tell you, "I don't get nervous. I'm used to it." He truly has never been nervous about performing in front of an audience. In fact, it's quite the opposite. He's so excited to get out there and do his thing. As his mom, I am more nervous when he has to sing. One instance, when Landon was asked to sing for the Hershey Bears hockey team for the first time in front of 10,000+ people, my husband and I practically had to hold him back from running onto the ice during warm ups. Every few minutes he'd ask "Is it my turn now?" His mindset is that "the bigger the stage, the more people will clap."

What is one of Landon's dreams for his singing career?

Right now, with him only being six years-old, Landon just has fun with his singing and enjoys the new experiences from each of the different events that he performs at. He's just happy if he makes people smile and that he gets a dessert treat after his performances.

How can people best keep in touch with Landon?

I have created an Instagram page for Landon at @landonsingsofficial.

Follow him there to keep in touch. :)

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Gorman Ruggiero
Gorman Ruggiero
Feb 20, 2021

Dear Landon, it was an honor to work with you on Calf Rope. I cannot wait to hear you sing! I’m sending my best wishes to you and your family. God Bless.


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