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Behind the Scenes: ADR Sessions

In January 2020 we were able to get in all of the Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) needed from Lukas Barnett ("Brandon") and Gorman Ruggiero ("Mac") for the film. Lukas recorded his ADR work at Lancaster Bible College with the assistance of Ryan Geesaman (1st AD and Editor) and director, Bradley Hawkins.

Later that month we were able to grab the ADR from Ruggiero ("Mac") with the help of Jason Bartch (Sound Recordist |Colorist | Asst. Editor) at Aidem Media Solutions.

Additionally at Aidem Media Solutions, we recorded the voices of Marlin Detweiler, and the two young daughters of John Carl Jr. (who plays the "Cattle Auctioneer" in the film) for special roles that cannot be revealed without giving away a major "spoiler" to the film. Cassidy (10) and Ivy (8) were both literally tickled by their dad as they were recorded, which caused great belly laughs from Detweiler that were recorded for the film as well.

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