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7 Wins for Calf Rope from the International Independent Film Awards

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

The Los Angeles-based International Independent Film Awards (IIFFA) selected Calf Rope for a whopping seven awards for their Spring Session of the organization. The quarterly global film competition states that "The International Independent Film Awards is dedicated to showcasing and celebrating the many talented independent filmmakers and artist from around the world who share their visions in a powerful, creative and entertaining way."

Gold level awards were earned for Narrative Short, Directing (Bradley Hawkins), Screenplay

(Jake Stetler & Bradley Hawkins), Lead Actor (Gorman Ruggiero), Supporting Actor (10 yr-old

Lukas Barnett), and Original Score (Ellie Brooke & Bradley Hawkins).

Earning her first-ever award for her first-ever film production as a set designer was Lyndsey Hinkle who won BIG at IIFFA for her stunningly detailed and beautiful work in every single scene of the mid-1960s era look of Calf Rope, earning her the Platinum level award for awe-inspiring Production Design.

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