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13 Wins from Southern Shorts Awards in Georgia

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

The Southern Shorts Awards (SSA) in Roswell, Georgia announced yesterday that Calf Rope is the winner of a whopping 13 certificate of awards for their Summer 2020 session. The bi-yearly film competition (Winter and Summer) evaluates films from all over the world in ten categories of film production and identifies individual cast and crew members in select categories for their contributions toward the film as well.

Lyndsey Hinkle was honored for the third time for her stellar work as production designer on Calf Rope and received the coveted Award of Distinction from the SSA for Production Design in recognition for her tremendous contribution toward the look of our 60's era film. Awards of Excellence were presented for Direction (Bradley Hawkins), Producer (Sarah Hawkins), Screenplay (Jake Stetler and Bradley Hawkins) Editing (Ryan Geesaman) Cinematography (Sofia Monzerratt), Original Music Score (Ellie Brooke and Bradley Hawkins), Sound Design (John Avarese) and Costuming (Sarah Hawkins).

In addition to these awards for the crew were four Awards of Excellence for cast members of Calf Rope which offered some genuine yet well-deserved surprises. Gorman Ruggiero earned his ninth award as lovable "Mac" in the Lead Actor category for the film. However, the SSA also chose to recognize 10 year-old Lukas Barnett in the Lead Actor category as well (his first recognition as such in a film) to go along with his11 previous wins as either a child actor, debuting actor, or part of the acting ensemble of Calf Rope for his energetic and heart-tugging portrayal of "Brandon."

However, the most note-worthy news from the awards announcement by the SSA was the individual acting recognition for Supporting Actor (male or female) given to both Avery Kellington as 'Corah" (Mac's wife and Brandon's grandmother) and to Jackie Walker as "Sarah" ("Brandon's" mom and the daughter of "Mac" and "Corah".) Although both Kellington and Walker each received two previous awards as part of the groups of actors from our cast selected for Best Ensemble Acting, this is the first time either one of these immensely talented women have been recognized for their individual performances of the film and we are so incredibly proud and thankful for the recognition given to them for their work.

Due to this response to Calf Rope, our film will be included in their online screenings and award presentation for the Southern Shorts Awards (Summer 2020) and will be in competition for their "Best of Show Awards" for the season presented for Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Cinematographer, Best Editor, Best Sound Design and Best Soundtrack. The screening of Calf Rope by the SSA and its award ceremony are scheduled for Saturday, August 15th, with winners to be posted on their website the following day. Rest assured though, you will be able to learn about any wins that may come out of the Southern Shorts Awards (Summer 2020) "Best of Show" awards on our social media platforms as well. Until then, our heartiest congrats to our ten cast and crew members that were recognized by the SSA for their beautiful work on Calf Rope.

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