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Building Team Calf Rope

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Once the screenplay for Calf Rope was written, the first crew member to join director Bradley Hawkins on the crew was the award-winning editor of Dadley Productions' comedy-fantasy short, Filling In, Ryan Geesaman, who would serve as both 1st AD and Editor on the film. The two creatives agreed that Calf Rope would require an especially imaginative Director of Photography to visually tell the story from a child's point-of-view and so a nation-wide search for a cinematic story-teller took place for someone that would bring a uniquely beautiful look to the male-centric period piece.

After several months of reviewing reels from cinematographers throughout the country, Hawkins offered the position of DP to Sofia Monzerratt from NYC. Hawkins and Monzerratt (who was born and raised through her mid-teens in Venezuela) spent three days working together in June of 2018 to create the shot list for Calf Rope and for Sofia to be able to attend her first-ever rodeo. There she would witness young Brock Beltz in action and get a first-hand feel for the camera work that would be required to capture the rodeo scene of the film to be shot later in the fall.

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