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Picture-Lock is Reached!

After several months of carefully perusing through several hours of gorgeous footage shot by our incredible crew on Calf Rope, picture-lock has now been reached and our tale of familial love & legacy is ready for color correction, sound design, and scoring! Our grateful thanks to editor, Ryan Geesaman, director, Bradley Hawkins, and producer, Sarah Hawkins for teaming up to reach this pivotal point in the post-production phase of the film.

Pictured in the monitor above, producer is Sarah Hawkins, director Bradley Hawkins, and editor Ryan Geesaman, along with (then) 9 yr-old Lukas Barnett on the monitor behind them as "Brandon" in a shot from the opening scene of the film.

Director, Bradley Hawkins and Editor, Ryan Geesaman look over a sequence from the "Fireworks" segment of a musical montage within the film. Pictured on the monitor is Avery Kellington as "Corah," the grandmother to "Wyatt" (played by 7 yr-old Logan Donaldson) and "Brandon" ( 9 yr-old, Lukas Barnett).

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